Aluminum Nails For Posted Signs


All our standard gauge signs should be nailed in the four corners with the nails being left 1/4 inch from tight. This leaves room for the tree to grow out while preventing the sign from being pushed off the nail and keeping the sign mounted longer.

As of 2024, we can NO LONGER OFFER RUBBER WASHERS with our nails. The manufacturer that handled these washers is no longer able to make them and they were the LAST USA based company that offered them. As Patriotic Americans, we refuse to use resources from Communist countries; therefore, you will receive JUST NAILS. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at 828-550-7643.

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Weight 0.015 lbs
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40 – $9, 100 – $16, 200 – $24, 400 – $42, 1000 – $82, 2000 – $145, 4000 – $269, 10000 – $550